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This page provides a space for all of the commercial eBook Conversion Services

[edit] Conversion Services

In alphabetical order

  • Alpha BPO Lowest conversion rates. Start from $0.10 per page. #First Choice of Authors and Publishers. File formats supported: MS Word, PDF, Adobe Indesign, Quark xPress. Conversion formats: Epub and Kindle/Mobi formats.
  • Apps publisher will publish eBooks for primarily mobile phones. They accept input in a variety of formats and generate an executable containing the eBook.
  • BookMedia Best cost effective eBook service provider. Their price starts at 0.07$ per page, They have team of experts to deliver all kinds of eBook conversions in specific formats that are categorically compatible with Kindle, iPad and Nook and any other popular e-readers available today.
  • Bristol eBooks bespoke conversion/creation of eBooks (.epub format and more). Bristol, UK.
  • Bryce W. Drennan creates finely-crafted ebooks, thoroughly tested across the full range of devices, from any format to any format. Original developer and leading provider of the Advanced-Graphics Ebooks(SM) techniques. Specialties in AG Ebooks(SM) conversions, high-quality straight conversions, magazines, and other challenging ebook projects. Twenty years of experience in publishing as a typographer, graphic designer, skilled prepress operator, editor, and author.
  • Convert A Book Converts book to all ebook formats. Is a great option for self publishers, and publishers. They specialize in digitizing books to eBooks. Using OCR book scanning technology they can take bound books, cook books, text books and other image heavy publications through the ebook conversion process.
  • Damonza Cover Designer -- You Write eBook, Damonza can help Decorate Ebook. They can add covers, format data, etc.
  • Data Entry India Quality Ebook Conversion put across the finest Ebook Conversion, Formatting, Promotion & Distribution Services. Our veteran Ebook Conversion experts are always there to serve the clients.
  • Digital Publishing Hub - Converts book to all eBook formats. Is a great option for self publishers, and publishers. They specialize in digitizing books to all leading eBooks formats.
  • Digital Bindery - Combining the knowledge and experience of print publishing with technical savvy and design acumen, Digital Bindery is the digital publishing resource for artisan eBook conversions, eBook distribution, and all the technical needs of publishers and independent authors.
  • Digital Media Initiatives (DMI) is a leading technology consulting and conversion house in the e-publishing domain. Based out of several locations in India, Australia and USA, it has developed some premier e-publishing tools to benefit authors and publishers. DMI also supports publishers implement XML Workflows to automate their in-house production and content management, besides, assisting in converting to various formats including Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket ePub, eReader, and DocBook XML.
  • Ebookifi - Highly professional and affordable ebook conversion services. Offering free source files with 72 hours of turnaround time.
  • eB Format offers eBook conversion services from any format to MOBI, ePub, PDF, SmashWords, and CreateSpace specifications. We work with fiction and non-fiction books in any language and can handle any layout options your book contains. Image intensive books are not an issue either, and the file size will be kept to a minimum. We are entirely U.S. based and take pride in answering every question our clients have and helping them before, during, and after the work is done.
  • eBook Architects - The premier provider of conversion services to individuals and publishers. More than 6 years of eBook development and formatting experience and a track record for the highest quality in the industry. Specializing in creating eBooks for the Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket ePub, SmashWords, eReader, and others.
  • eBookConversion.org is an established, professional, full-service digital publishing company. Their team has hundreds of years of experience working with publishers and authors, including some of the largest content creators and distributors in the world. They support virtually any input format, including physical paper and books. They can create eBooks in any output format. Their expertise includes high-volume and multi-media enhanced eBook conversion and production.
  • eBooksion - Trusted eBook conversion solution for authors and publishers around the globe. Creates eBooks that are compatible with all major online marketplaces Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google and others. Years of experience in eBook formatting and conversion and specializes in affordable eBook conversion services.
  • eBook Conversion - It Global Solution is an ebook conversion service provider company and offering conversion services to eBook from PDF, word document, normal paperback, or any text format to widely used eBook formats like Mobipocket, Microsoft reader, Kindle, and ePUB. They can also do OCR. They can also convert eBook in any other available format according to customer requirements.
  • eBook Conversion Services - eBookConversion.com provides outstanding ebook conversion services. We can usually convert any type of word, pdf or any other format file to ebook format such as kindle, epub, MS reader, or any other format, regardless of number of images or other complex formatting issues.
  • eBookPartnership.com - eBookPartnership.com provide eBook conversion, eBook design and ePublishing services for authors and publishers. UK-based, our friendly team has over 20 years experience in publishing and web development. We specialise in producing eBooks for sale on Amazon's Kindle Store and Apple's iBookstore, and can work from PDF, word document, or printed books.
  • epubconversion.com - epubconversion.com provides epub conversion and validation services. We also provide free epub validation tool to authors and publishers to help detect invalid errors in their epub format files as well as unmanifested errors in order to get it approved on Apple's iPad.
  • ePubNow! is an online epub and DocBook v5.0 XML production platform where on registration, authors and publishers are given access to an online book authoring interface and an automated publishing to the ePub format. Publishers can follow a scientifically planned workflow to extract HTML from print-PDFs and convert them to DocBook v5.0 XML for an efficient content management, revision management, and publishing to an industry-grade quality assured and validated .epub format ebbok.
  • EQOD is a full-service digital publishing company with significant experience in eBook creation and conversion. We can start with any file format, including DOC, TXT, RTF, PDF, InDesign, Quark, Framemaker, HTML and others. We can also OCR paper documents. We can then create or covert your eBook into any format, including ePub, AZW, MOBI, HTML, XHTML, XML, print-ready PDF and others. We can create eBooks for all eReader devices, including Ipad, iPhone, Kindle, eReader, Mobipocket, smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops. We are a U.S. company with production in the Philippines done by English-fluent staff, so we can provide great quality at low prices.
  • eStarPublish An eStarPublish eBook conversion transforms a PDF, InDesign, Word or other file type into electronic files that are compatible with Amazon's Kindle, Sony, Kobo and Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone, and downloadable through Amazon.com, iTunes' iBookstore and others. eStarPublish also offers distribution, which is extremely important if authors actually want to sell eBooks.
  • FirstyWork FirstyWork provides ebook conversion services, which will greatly assist you in generating revenue through evolving digital content channels. Our ebook conversion solutions include cost-effective conversion of content from electronic and paper sources into an eBook. We can create ebooks from Quark, InDesign, MS-Word and HTML to the industry standard ePUB format. FirstyWork can convert your documents into well organised eBooks suitable for selling over the Internet via your own site and other ebooks sites.
  • GEC Specialised in digital book conversion services, providing epub, epub3, valid epub, mobi, lit, nook & other formats for all devices.
  • INKPAD conversion services - Professional book conversion services to EPUB/MOBI formats (ebook), addressed to institutions, publishers and individuals. Full compliance with IDPF standards and 100% compliance in ePubCheck and ePubPreflight tests.
  • KirtasBooks now has a service that can convert PDF to ePUB as well as scanning paper books, either yours or from a library that they have access to. See Scan Your Books .com
  • KPR's DataTech is a conversion house in the Publishing Services vertical. Located in India, for the past 15 years, it has helped plenty of authors and publishers worldwide in converting their books and journals digital. KPR developed various in-house tools to precise the task. They are specialised in Paper / Image to ePub, their large pool of proofreaders ensure the quality of text upto 99.995%. Their huge experience is a great plus, maintaing page integrity in ePub delivery is their strength. Workflow includes DocBook / TEI / DTBook XML depending on the requirement.
  • Magic EdTech SmartPage allows book authors and production engineers to create eBooks efficiently by converting a PDF or Doc into EPUB 3. The content can then be edited, enriched, and enhanced to create interactive eBooks that work across all platforms.
  • Mapsystems is among the best digital conversion companies offering premium quality services in eBook conversion for publishers and other entities worldwide. Some of the most common conversions dealt by our team of connoisseurs are ePub, interactive eBooks, Fixed Layout, Kindle formats compatible with platforms including Apple iBook store, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony and more.
  • Micrologic Global Services eBook conversion Professional eBook conversion team, 100% hand prepared, can convert Paperback, PDF, Ms-word, In-design and most other digital documents to eBooks (.ePub and .mobi). Micrologic Global Services also provides upload assistance to upload eBooks to all eBook distributors and retailers including Amazon Kindle store, iBook store, Barnes and Noble Nook press, smashwords, etc.
  • Myebook.co.za offers eBook Conversion and Publishing services MyeBook.co.za is the largest eBook conversion and publishing platform in Africa. It also has a regularly updated blog aimed at self-publishing authors.
  • OKS Group, which acquired Alden Press has pioneered in Data or Document Conversion of different formats and has a vast pool of experience working with large corporates, institutions, press & leading organization from US, UK and Asia Pacific regions. OKS emphasis is on Quality, timely delivery and Customer satisfaction.
  • Pro Global Business Solutions offers a vast variety of eBook conversion services including reflowable ebook conversion, fixed layout ebook conversion, interactive ebook conversion and more.
  • Primedia eLaunch - Fast, reliable and affordable ebook conversion and epublishing services with simple, no fuss pricing and excellent customer service by phone or email whenever you need help. Based in the United States and committed to socially responsible business practices, you'll know right away you've made the right choice with Primedia eLaunch. Accepting all file types and also offering print layout, print on demand, and ebook marketing services all at the lowest prices you'll find.
  • Print2eforms ebook Consulting, eBook conversion services - A global business with 18 million pages of conversion experience.
  • Quark provides the Quark Publishing Platform, Quark Author Web-based content creation software and Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word
  • Publishers Row is a comprehensive provider of online eBook publishing services: from low-cost conversion to PDF/ePub/XML/Kindle formats which can be sold through any eBook distributor to creation of free eBookstores (minimum 50 titles)which can be used to sell downloadable and online editions of eBooks/ePeriodicals to individuals and institutions.
  • Reality PreMedia is a global-class service provider for eBook conversion, app development, image processing, ad adaptations, web design and digital marketing.
  • SPi Global eBook Conversion Services SPi Global is helping professional and associate publishers expand their presence in the eBook market as a trusted conversion partner.
  • Suntecdigital Digital Publishing & Conversion fulfill the needs of authors and publishers by converting their write-ups in digital formats like MS Word, PDF, Adobe In design, etc to EPub and Kindle/Mobi formats according to their preferences in affordable rates.
  • Suntecindia ePub conversion services.
  • WinBizSolutions provides high quality eBook conversion and formatting services for authors, publishers and other businesses from all formats to eBooks at affordable pricing. Some of our services are fixed layout eBook conversion, Interactive layout eBook conversion, enhanced eBook conversion and more.

[edit] Do it yourself

If you are looking for do it yourself solutions see:

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