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OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers. These companies make products that are intended to serve other companies. They typically do not deal directly with consumers although there are exceptions.

[edit] Introduction

An OEM intends to sell large quantities and expects to make their money from these high volume purchases. They do not generally sell under their own name or offer consumer level services. They will typically customize the end product so that it looks like it was made by their customer.

In some cases OEM's make only hardware which is then added to with software by their customers. However, in an increasing number of cases the OEM is supplying a turn key product and there is no actual value added by the reseller except customer support and perhaps the operations manual.

[edit] ODM

Most of these eBook manufactures are also offer ODM services as well. An ODM (original design manufacturer) designs and manufacturers products for other companies to sell under their own brand name.

[edit] eBook Devices

Here is a list of eBook Device OEM's.

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