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Sony is a large corporation that has a significant investment in eBook readers.


[edit] eBook Products

They have made many Readers that are all E-Ink devices with 6" displays. They have also made some models in different sizes. Sony currently calls them "Reader Digital Book" although they originally were called the Sony Portable Reader. These include the:

[edit] Related products

Sony has also entered the Web Tablet business with:

Even the Sony PSP can be used for reading eBooks. Of course Sony also sells laptops which can be used for eBook Reading. The newest Netbook sized unit is the P Series well suited for eBook reading.

See Sony Reader App for Sony's latest eBook Reading application for computers and tablets.

[edit] Connect store

Sony also has a connect store that sells e-books. The connect store includes software called Reader Library that runs on your Windows and MacOS X PC. The connect store is directly accessed from the software and can also be used to read eBook. The ePub books sold from this site are usable on other devices that use ADE DRM or are DRM free. There are free downloads on the site.

[edit] History

Historically Sony has been in the eBook Reader business for a long time. In 1990 they released the Data Discman in Japan and to the US in 1991. The first E Ink reading device, the Sony Librie, was only sold in Japan. It was released in April 2004.

[edit] Support

  • Customer Support Number (for Reader and Connect Store): 1-866-919-SONY (7669)
  • eBook Customer Support Team: 877-CNECTME (877-263-2863)
  • - web site.

[edit] Linux source

Sony uses Linux in many of its products.

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