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EBooks have fostered a cottage industry of additional accessories that you can purchase to enhance or replace stock items on your eBook Reader.


[edit] Overview

An eBook Reader is like many other portable devices you buy. It can benefit from the addition of accessories. In some cases most of the accessories you need are included with the device but some devices do not include these items.

This article will eventually include specific resources and listings to provide access to various accessories. Note that the links are normally to the manufacturers site. Often these items can be found at other places such as Amazon.

[edit] Cases

Cases are designed to protect your eBook Reader from being damaged by being dropped, dunked in water, and other external factors. They can also enhance the visual appeal of the device.

  • M-Edge - Everything for eBook Readers - Kindle and Sony products.
  • E-volve, Tuff-Luv - cases, sleeves, waterproof jackets.
  • Cover-Up - cases, covers and accessories for over 200 Tablets, eBook Readers and Smartphones, from manufacturers including Apple, Amazon, Archos, ASUS,Sony & Samsung.
  • InkCase a case with E Ink screen for a Smartphone.
  • Incipio makes a wide variety of cases and sleeves.
  • JeTech makes cases and screen protectors, available also on Amazon.

[edit] Covers

A cover can really show off the device while providing protection when it is use or being carried around. Nearly every eBook Reader company offers a case for their products but third party cases can have more style/

  • StylezWorld - custom covers. Currently the Kindle and BeBook are covered. The BeBook is the same as many other Jinke products.
  • Oberon Design - Custom covers for nook and Kindle
  • Noreve USA - Quality covers, check the brandname for the case. * Don't overlook similar brands, Bebook for example covers many different brands from Jinke.
  • Klevercase.com offers clever cases that look like the cover of an actual book. Many famous book covers are offered for many different devices.
  • eBook Friendly offers custom styled covers for eBook Readers, as well as other accessories. For example Kindle paperwhite covers.

[edit] Sleeves

Slide on covers

[edit] Waterproof bags

A zip lock bag could provide enough protection for reading a book at the beach but there are also specialized bags that will provide more peace of mind in a potentially wet environment. Some will also provide flotation which can facilitate retrieval it your eBook reader falls overboard on in a creek.

[edit] Rugged cases

These provide the ultimate in protection for your device.

[edit] Added memory

Many devices support the addition of SD cards to increase the capacity to carry more eBooks. A card reader can also be useful to provide a method of transferring eBooks to your device by pre-loading them on a card and them inserting the card into the device.

[edit] Chargers

Most modern eBook readers can use a USB port on your computer to charge the device. However, a dedicated charger will usually provide a quicker charge and is more portable. It is also possible to charge the device from an external battery. USB has the ability to output 5V at up to 500 mA and can be used to charge most eBook Devices. As a matter of fact some devices only supply a charging cable and do not include a charger at all. They expect you to either buy one or use your computer USB port. For more on this subject see: Battery charging.

Buying a charger: If you want to buy a charger to you can expect to buy one that outputs 4.9 to 5.1 Volts (nominally 5V) and the current requirements will vary. You should check your manual or it may be marked on the case near the power port. Buying one that is capable of supplying more current is OK. The unit will use what it wants. Note that 1000mA is the same as 1 A. Chargers may be listed either way. Make sure the Charger connector will work on your device. Some chargers expect you to use the USB cable you already have.

[edit] Lighting

Most eBook devices do not provide built-in lighting. Like the book they replace they will need a book light if they are used in a darkened area. Generally regular book lights can be attached to the eBook Reader case. Some cases have a light built in. Note that two main differences in lights is the source of power. The smallest and lightest use button batteries which is fairly expensive to replace while larger units use AAA cells which are cheaper to replace and available as rechargeables.

[edit] Skins

Adding a skin can personalize your device and provide a slight amount of protection.

[edit] Screen Protectors

Some use a screen protector to avoid scratching the screen. Some have anti-glare properties (typically matte screen).

[edit] Stylus

A touchscreen like the iPod Touch and iPad users can benefit from the use of a stylus. A normal touchscreen stylus will not work on a capacitive touchscreen. All of the ones below are designed for capacitive screen.

Of course you sometimes need a replacement for a resistive or IR based touchscreen as well. Here are some links for a replacement. While any sort of stylus will work on the screen, not all of them will fit in the holder slot. Even a resistive touchscreen will often work better with a stylus.

[edit] Gloves

Need to use your capacitive touchscreen in cold weather perhaps some special gloves would help.

[edit] A Gaming machine?

[edit] Keyboards

Many Tablets support Bluetooth and will allow a keyboard to be used with the device. Generally however, most people use an on-screen keyboard which is a compromise. Here are some keyboard choices:

  • http://www.touchfire.com/default.asp A touchscreen overlay keyboard to provide tactile feedback.
  • Anker® Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard for iPad mini, iPad, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, and other Tablets

[edit] Stands

Sometimes you may want a desktop stand for your eBook Reader. Here are a few: (links are youtube videos)

[edit] Remote Controls

  • Bluetooth airturn - remote control for changing presentation slides and changing pages in an eBook. Can also control playlists and the camera.

[edit] Wireless charging

[edit] Neck Phone Mount

  • Neck Phone Mount at Amazon Also at Walmart. Cushioned neck strap for improved comfort. Compatible with all smartphone sizes up to 7". Can be used as a tripod. 360° rotation with an adjustable viewing angle

[edit] Accessibility Products

These products feature improvement in access to those who are impaired in some way. In particular many are audio devices to aid those who are visually impaired, however others may also find them useful.

  • VoiceView dongle provided audio capability to Kindle paperwhite 3. More models are expected.
  • Sleep phones - These headphones are much more comfortable that standard headphones or earphones. This is a headband that surrounds the head with the speakers embedded. They are available as wireless Bluetooth or with a audio cord.
  • Alexa is an audio device from Amazon that you can speak to. It can read Audible audio books to you.
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