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Amazon ( is a web company that produces the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader. The eBooks produced at Amazon are in the AZW format or TPZ topaz. The formats are available for Amazon eBook Readers and for iPhones using a special application. There is now a Windows and MacOS X version of the Kindle reader as well as portable device apps.

They also have some booklets called Amazon Digital in PDF, HTML, and TXT formats. Be sure and check the category below for more wiki pages.


[edit] Products

These Hardware products are described in the wiki:

[edit] Current Amazon Kindle products

[edit] Older models

[edit] Kindle Tablets

[edit] Earliest products include

[edit] Formats

The following Kindle Formats are described in this wiki.

[edit] The company

Amazon can be reached at: The physical location is Seattle, Washington. They began business in July 1995 although founded in 1994. While founded as a web based book dealer they have expanded to offer a large host of products.

[edit] ASIN

All Amazon products have an Amazon Standard Identification Number, ASIN, assigned including eBooks. For eBooks it is actually contained inside the file itself and is used to distinguish an Amazon supplied eBook from one you built yourself. Its location has been found as shown in the MOBI page. The number is unique across all of Amazon but if the user is fast enough or reuses it on their eBooks it will be the same number in Amazon sites in different countries.

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