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This page lists stores where you can purchase eBooks. Some of the eBooks have DRM but many do not. Many of these stores also have some books they give away for free. You may also be interested in checking out our pages about Free eBooks and eBook Lending Libraries. Be sure and check the E-book stores table comparing these stores. Some of these stores also offer subscriptions. If you were looking to buy an eBook Reader, please check Where to Buy eBook Devices.


[edit] A particular book

If you know the ISBN number for the book you are looking for you can search for it on this page.

[edit] Dealers and Publishers

These sites will often have ebooks in more than one format. Be sure they support the format you need before you buy. Shop around, many dealers discount. Books sold by dealers and publishers in the section may or may not require DRM. See Dealers and Publishers without DRM for stores with no DRM. Note that some eBooks listed on these sites may not be available worldwide due to publisher imposed regional restrictions. See publishers for some publishers that are not also eBook Stores.

[edit] Book store sites with or without DRM

  • Adult eBook Shop -- Specialist in adult erotic ebooks in all genres. Easy to use site with formats including MOBI, EPUB, PRC, PDF & LIT. Excerpts and free ebooks available.
  • AKW Books -- Independent publisher of new, top-quality eBooks in all genres. Several popular formats including PDF, PRC, LIT, & EPUB. No porn or erotica. No DRM.
  • BookGlutton -- An eBook store for published and unpublished books. Books are read and discussed in a browser tool called The Unbound Reader - no format required.
  • BookHabit -- An eBook store for unpublished or self published books. The price begins at $2.50 and goes up as the book gets more popular. Books are available in Adobe PDF format.
  • BookieJar -- An eBook store for complete and ongoing books (chapter by chapter) from independent publishers and authors. Offers autographed eBooks. Books are available in HTML,ePub, Mobi format.
  • BooksOnBoard -- One of the larger selections of eBooks in different DRM-protected formats, reasonably priced. Easy graphic tutorials online for new ebook readers.
  • Borders -- This site is primarily a rebadged Kobobooks site at the present time. They have primarily ePub eBooks.
  • BundleRabbit -- A DIY ebook bundling services for authors. Readers can purchase bundles of DRM-free ebooks in multiple formats at deep discounts.
  • Christian Book.com -- Features ePub and standard books. The ePub eBooks are usually ADE protected. They have an app for portable devices. They have some free eBooks. They feature novels, Bibles, commentary, devotional and other types of Christian books, audio books, and DVDs
  • Ciresepublishing.com -- Features a complete range of eBooks and Hard Copy Books in most genres. Additionally supplies Kindle and Kobo E-Reading devices and accessories. Books are supplied in PDF, Kobo and Kindle compatible formats.
  • Coolerbooks.com -- Features ePUB but sells books in other formats as well. They claim ADE format which could be either ePUB or PDF. They also have LIT.
  • Doppeltext -- features Bilingual books - for ePub 3, Kindle, and web browsers. They use professional published translation. Click a paragraph to see it translated in the flow or set up parallel flows.
  • eBooks.com -- Bookstore selling EPUB and Adobe PDF formats. The site launched in 2000, making it the oldest continuous e-bookseller on the internet. Possibly the only remaining global, independently-owned e-bookstore. It has local portals for US, CA, UK, EU and AU, and sells ebooks into every country in the world.
  • eBookshot -- Bookstore selling ebooks in all genres - no adults-only material child friendly site. Very easy to use site selling PRC format. Free sample ebooks available.
  • eFollett -- Focuses on college text books. This site is actually a portal to local college eBook stores.
  • Eee PC books -- Has Adobe PDF formatted eBooks specifically designed for reading on an 800x480 pixel device like the Asus eee PC. They will work fine on any device that can read PDF with this size screen or larger.
  • ePub Bud - most children's books and self published. Some are free. There is also publishing help on the site.
  • Feedbooks -- Based in France Feedbooks offers ebooks (ePub DRM) from the major publishers along with public domain titles and "original content."
  • Fictionwise -- Bookstore offering DRM-protected and DRM-free books. This store offers books in various formats, including secure (DRM) Fictionwise eReader (as of September 2010, Fictionwise is no longer offering other secure formats). They also offer many books in multiformat (DRM-free) including Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Reader (LIT), eReader (-ER.PDB), Palm Doc (PDB), Rocket/REB1100 (RB), Franklin eBookMan (FUB), Hiebook (KML), Sony Reader (LRF), iSilo (-IS.PDB), MobiPocket (PRC), Kindle Compatible (MOBI), OEBFF Full VGA (IMP), OEBFF Half VGA (IMP). Also see Fictionwise. This site also offers subscriptions.
  • Forgotten Books public domain eBooks, you need an account on the site. Some are free including one each day. They claim 1,000,000 eBooks.
  • immatériel.fr -- French language and DRM-free ebooks mostly in PDF, but also ePUB and MOBI. Various subjects, including computer sciences, business and French literature.
  • Ignatius Press -- Leading Catholic publishing house in the United States. Ignatius Press' e-books are available in .prc MobiPocket and .epub ePUB format.
  • Interlinear Books -- features bilingual books for language learners translated in the Interlinear format, where the translation follows each word or phrase. Available in ePub, PDF formats. Currently serves Swedish, German, Lithuanian and Russian books.
  • Kindle Shops eBooks -- Go Green and buy a Kindle - KindleShops.com has various eBooks, newspapers, magazine, and text books.
  • Kobo -- Targeted at mobile devices including cellphones. Books are purchased and then read on Kobo, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, or downloaded in ePUB. All except free books are DRM Protected.
  • Leer-e -- Spanish language eBooks. Books as low as €5.
  • Leqtor -- Spanish language eBooks. Seems to be mostly (perhaps all) ePUB.
  • Libreka.de -- German source for eBooks, claims 100,000 eBooks.
  • The Ludwig von Mises Institute -- The research and educational center of classical liberalism, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of economics. Books and Articles are Adobe PDF or HTML. Many are free.
  • Lulu -- Lulu now offers ebooks in both ePub and PDF formats, with and without Adobe DRM, at publisher's choice. Some are free.
  • Lybrary.com features ebooks in all subject areas and is particularly well sorted in magic (magic tricks, mentalism, card tricks, illusions, sleight of hand, ...), gambling (poker, blackjack, craps, ...), and games (bridge, chess, sudoku, ...).
  • Mendele HeBooks -- features Hebrew ebooks in all genres. All books are in EPUB format and using Social DRM only.
  • MobileReference -- Publisher and seller of Travel Guides, Phrasebooks, Quick-Study Guides, Reference Materials, Fiction, Philosophy, and other e-Books designed for optimal navigation on smartphones, notebook computers, electronic Readers like Amazon Kindle and Sony eReader, and other devices where ease of navigation is important. Supported formats include MobiPocket and Adobe PDF.
  • Norton Ebooks -- "Norton ’s ebooks are the same as Norton’s paper books. ebooks cost much less than paper books—usually 50% less!"
  • NueVer Publishing –- Good range of indie eBooks and emagazines from $1 to $12(USD). Publishes a lot of new authors’ work.
  • Numilog -- Bookstore with DRM-protected books, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Reader, MobiPocket from many major publishers. Also some free eBooks. Et la première librairie numérique francophone (Also the first French-speaking digital bookstore).
  • OmniLit -- Bookstore with wide selection of small press romance (generally DRM-free) and major publisher titles (generally with DRM).
  • Read Without Paper -- Great eBooks from Australia & around the World. Over 110,000 Fiction & Non-Fiction Titles in Adobe PDF and/or Adobe ePUB formats with DRM. Also audiobooks in Overdrive WMA and Overdrive MP3 formats. Book store designed for ECO_Reader but these ebooks and audiobooks are also compatible with PCs, laptops and many other devices.
  • RemixBooks.com - Personalized books for children and adults, based on popular and classic public-domain works. DRM-free, ePUB and MOBI formats.
  • SEAM Publishing -- Bookstore with non-DRM eBooks published by SEAM Publishing. These books are available in ePUB and MOBI formats. SEAM Publishing is an indie publisher specializing in ebooks by bloggers.
  • Smashwords Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers offering multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device.
  • Ubibooks -- Features MobiPocket books in several languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. They feature the Bookeen Cybook Gen3 reader.
  • Walk Broad Publishing -- Specializes in illustrated children's eBooks. Currently they support Adobe PDF that has been custom sized to support 6" E-ink devices. They intend to add other formats in the future.
  • Web Warrior tools -- A specialized eBook site selling "how to" books for the Internet and other topics.
  • WEXLER -- Largest selection of Russian eBooks, both paid and free.
  • World eBook Fair -- $8.95 a year subscription permits downloading lots of eBooks in PDF format. Mostly this is a collection of books that can be found free otherwise but may be hard to locate.
  • WOWIO -- Offers some free books to read online. Sells ePub, PDF, eReader formats and features comics and graphic novels in addition to regular eBooks.
  • XinXii -- Online shop for eBooks from independent authors: Several categories, DRM-free, multiple languages and formats (incuding EPUB, MOBI, PDF). XinXii was the first German-speaking digital self-publishing and distribution platform, and is now one of the leading platforms in Europe.
  • Zinio -- A site featuring digital magazine subscriptions. They have a US or International list of magazines in multiple languages.

[edit] Bookstores outside the USA

Often copyrights and distribution rights are different for different countries. This section highlights stores with websites that may be local to where you live. The main section should be consulted as well as some eBooks are distributed world wide.



  • Amazon. Make sure you are logged out. Then go to the Kindle Store. Search for a book. After the search results come up, in the upper right corner of the screen, change the country to Canada and search away.
  • eBooks.com
  • Google
  • Sony eBookstore (Upper right corner switch to/from US/CA)

New Zealand


[edit] Non-English language eBook stores

Chinese - 中文

'Danish - Dansk

French - Français

German - Deutsch

Zulu Ebooks - Free Digital Literature: Provides free e-books in the fields of fiction, children's and youth as well as technical and non-fiction for download; gives authors the opportunity to offer his own works, the e-books are available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

Italian - Italiano

  • ebg-store.it Run by ebookgratis.it. Only eBook store in Italy not to use DRM. Watermarks instead.'

Japanese - 日本語

  • Bookweb This is Kinokuniya's eBook store. Kinokuniya is Japan's Barnes and Noble. Books are available for either Sony's eReader or Kinoppy, Kinokuniya's proprietary ereader for iOS and Android.
  • Ebook Japan The Manga Specialist. This store exclusively sells manga in every conceivable variation and genre. They are not provided for stand alone eReaders, but instead provided for computing platforms, both for Apple and Windows, but also iPad and Android. The site recommends using largest screen possible.
  • Honto Honto is Maruzen's eBook store. Maruzen is a large scale retail chain, similar to B Dalton Books or WH Smith. There is no information on DRM but they do require proprietary software. This is provided free for iOS, Android and Windows. Has a surprisingly large selection of erotic manga, including Yaoi.
  • Rakuten Purveyor of Kobo books in Japan. PDF and ePub formats. Has an intricate points system that will get you free eBooks, one point equals 1 yen, lots of campaign that will get you double or triple points for every purchase. Requires free membership in Rakuten's Point Club.

Nepali- नेपाली

  • Pandulipi Books Pandulipi Books is the first ebook company in Nepal dedicated to providing Nepali eBooks to Nepali buyers. It has signed up with best selling writers and best publishers of Nepal for ebook rights. The ebooks are provided online on their site and from other platforms. The ebooks are readable in most of the devices.

Norwegian - Norsk

Spanish - Español

Swedish - Svenska

  • AdLibris Large book retailer with an eBook section. No DRM, watermarks on ePub.
  • Dito.se Run by Bokus.com, the largest online retailer for Scandinavian language books. No DRM, uses watermarks instead, ePub format.
  • E2GO Large online retailer for Scandinavian language books. No DRM, uses watermarks instead, ePub format.
  • Eböcker.se A small publisher of primarily non-fiction. Uses watermarks instead of DRM.


  • F.ua ebooks Ukrainian retailer with an eBook section.

[edit] Dealers and Publishers without DRM

These dealers and Publishers do not sell any eBooks that have DRM (also called encrypted). They sell various formats so be sure that your reading device supports the format you purchase. They may also have free eBooks available. Several of the dealers in the general list above provide some DRM-free titles, for example FictionWise offers DRM-free MultiFormat ebooks. (Note this effort is in progress so please help in getting the dealers into the correct section.)

[edit] English

  • Angry Robot -- British-based publisher that sells worldwide, "dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything in between." Sells ePub format, DRM-free.
  • Apress -- Publisher of technical books aimed at software developers and computer systems administrators, DRM-free formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI
  • 1889 Books -- Independent publisher of "strange fiction" only from the author MCM, illustrated children's books, young adult books, and adult books. Sells ePub format eBooks (also print editions), and offers free Adobe PDF with requests for donations.
  • Baen -- SciFi & Fantasy mainly. Many formats ( Sony Reader, HTML, RTF, Mobipocket/Kindle, Microsoft Reader, Ebookwise/Rocket -- all without DRM. Check out their FREE library.
  • Book View Cafe -- An author consortium of increasing size that republishes work along with producing new books and stories. DRM Free.
  • Books For A Buck -- Various eBooks from $1 to $3.99. An eBook publisher rather than just a reseller.
  • Carina Press -- Carina Press is a digital-first imprint from Harlequin. They offer "weekly releases of ebooks from talented authors in a wide variety of genres." All eBooks in ePUB format with no DRM.
  • Dogwise -- Book store in the US selling dog-related books. All eBooks are DRM-free and available in multiple formats (ePub, MOBI, PDF). The PDF format can also be printed.
  • eBookus.store -- provides a large variety of books in ePub, MOBI, AZW, and PDF formats for instant download. Not all books are in all formats. They also have some books in audio MP3 format. They are located in California.
  • InformIT -- InformIT is the online presence of the family of information technology publishers and brands of Pearson, the world's largest learning company, provides DRM-free formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI
  • Leanpub -- Self-published ebooks using the Leanpub workflow are available DRM free in ePub, MOBI and PDF. When you buy a book you get updates for free as the author writes more.
  • O/R Books -- An independent publisher. Refuses to use Amazon's DRM system. Formats used: EPUB, MOBI, PDB, and PDF.
  • O'Reilly and Associates -- Publisher of technical books aimed at software developers and computer systems administrators, either in dead-tree or DRM-free formats including EPUB, PDF, mobi, and .apk.
  • XinXii -- Germany-based digital publisher of DRM-free eBooks. Allows independent authors worldwide to upload and sell their eBooks in multi-formats (including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, RTF), in various categories and genres and in 7 languages.
  • Weightless Books -- an independent DRM-free ebooksite devoted to ebooks of all sorts.
  • Wizard's Tower Press -- an independent DRM-free ebooksite republishing science fiction and fantasy. DRM Free.

[edit] Greek

  • Kastaniotis Editions -- One of the biggest publishers in Greece with e-books in the greek language. The first publisher to use an Ex Libris as watermark (ePub).

[edit] Hebrew ( עברית Ivrit)

  • Mendele HeBooks -- features Hebrew ebooks in all genres. All books are in EPUB format and using Social DRM only.

[edit] Authors Sites

Some authors sell eBooks directly from their web sites.

  • Closed Circle -- Lynn Abbey, C.J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher. Ebooks in several formats, no DRM. Also has freebies which require an email address.
  • Cory Doctorow -- A science-fiction novelist who provides his novels as free downloads at the same time they go to print. Various formats and no DRM.
  • Richard Herley -- Copyright fiction 1978-2008 by Richard Herley. No DRM. Free; donation invited. MS-Word, PDF and plain ASCII available from this site, with links to most other formats, including ePub.

[edit] Software/Hardware manufacturers sites

These sites are often the only place you can find books for some of the less popular eBook formats but popular formats also have manufacture sites. However, for popular books, manufacturer's sites are less likely to discount eBooks than a dealer might. These sites tend to have eBooks for only the one or two formats that they support.

  • Blio has a bookstore featuring full color eBooks that match the printed book layout and rich media content.
  • eBrochures -- Books and other documents in DNL format. Most are DRM-protected but usually can be sampled for free.
  • eReader -- Bookstore with DRM-protected books designed to be read on their own eReader software. They have a few free books here also. Commercial books are "ready to go" and usually are formatted a bit nicer. Most modern books and best sellers can be found at online bookstores, but not at the major free sites.
  • Franklin - eBooks, mostly references, for their eBookman product.
  • Microsoft -- The largest collection of Microsoft Reader eBooks available. They seem to have collected all the versions out there. Many are free.
  • Mobipocket -- Bookstore with DRM-protected books, in MobiPocket formats from many major publishers. Also some free eBooks.
  • Sony eBooks Connect -- Bookstore featuring ePUB eBooks. The easiest way to access this store is to download the PC software which also serves as a free reader. Note that Sony has switched, as of December 11, 2009 from their older LRF/LRX format to industry standard ePUB which opens the store to many more users.
  • Tome Raider -- Mainly reference eBooks, in a TR format, some free. They have both TR2 and TR3 books.
  • UB Reader -- 650.000+ eBooks in 30 languages, in a ePub format, some free. Free and ad-free eBook reader for Android.
  • Walkbook -- eBooks in WOLF format. Many are free. They have books in English, French, and Turkish.

[edit] Collections

  • The e-Go library is a full collection of eBooks on a USB memory card. They include MOBI, ePub, and PDF versions. They have a 1000 eBooks, all classics, and they have audio books collections as well. PulseTV often has this collection on sale.

[edit] Specialized eBooks

These sites only have eBooks on very specific topics. They are not generalized eBook stores.

  • The Bible study software page covers specialized eBooks for Bible study and reading although many of the stores listed above also have religious eBooks and even novels.
  • DriveThruRPG / RPGNow -- Role playing gamebooks, campaign supplements, and some gaming-related novels in PDF format. Some have no DRM; most have social DRM--purchaser's name & account # stamped on each page of the PDF.
  • e23 -- DRM-free digital editions from Steve Jackson Games, mainly role playing games' sourcebooks, in PDF.
  • Live Life Well Info -- Health and wellness and inspirational quotes ebooks in pdf format plus 2+ free hours of audio downloads.
  • Private label Rights -- eBooks purchased at this site include permission to redistribute as part of the price. These are also called PLR books.
  • Sports eBooks –- The biggest online ebook store for eBooks for all sports.

[edit] Lists of Links

  • eBooks Just Published -- A blog (and RSS feed) announcing new releases from independent authors. Includes books for sale and free books, all are DRM-free.
  • The Novel network -- This site charges a one time fee for providing a list of links for eBook download and technical support to help with the downloads. The list includes sites for eBooks, comics, newspapers and magazines.
  • DRM-free Bookshops -- A regularly-updated list of online bookshops that sell DRM-free e-books and comics in formats that work for you.

[edit] Ebook Price Comparison Sites and Tools

[edit] Active

  • AddAll Ebooks -- A meta search engine which lets you search and find best eBook deals online. It simultaneously searches over 30 major, independent and free eBook sites. You can search for books by author, book title or keyword. The search can be narrowed down by format. There is also an option to limit your search only to your preferred eBook sites.
  • calibre -- the Get Books feature allows one to search by title, author, book source (e.g., bookstores, libraries, websites) and/or keywords, and will return available titles, and their prices at each available location
  • eBoogsy -- Compares the prices of thousands of e-books
  • Luzme -- Looking for your next ebook at a good price? Luzme has been digging out great ebook prices for you since 2008
  • All the major ebook stores: Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Diesel, Google, Kobo, Smashwords, Sony, etc
  • Supports all the major ereaders: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPhone, iPad
  • USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany
  • Use your existing Amazon, Goodreads or LibraryThing wishlist!

[edit] Defunct

  • eBookAnt -- Multi-format, multi-category (book/magazine/textbook) searcher from eBook information site/blog BookBee.
  • Inkmesh -- An ebook search engine that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple ebook and audiobook sources (including MobileRead) and makes it available for search. Inkmesh also allows browsing ebooks by subject and filtering results by price and content type (ebooks, audiobooks, magazines etc). All search results display compatibility with the most popular reading devices and platforms, and individual ebook pages display detailed availability, Google Book Previews, ebook formats and price comparisons.
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